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Yoga For Travel: 7 Tips to Go

Yoga For Travel: 7 Tips to Go

Posted on July 26 2016, By: Jeff McSharry

Yoga For Travel: 7 Tips to Go

Summertime is travel time! Here are seven quick tips for how to stay unstressed and feeling fresh during the journey to get where you’re going:

  1. Use the plane aisle – do walking warriors or lunges down the row between the chairs, stretch into some half-moon pose or forward folds in the cart area at the back of the plane, then warrior your way back to your seat! (Note: do NOT attempt balance poses on a plane, and be sure to obey the seatbelt sign)
  2. Keep your mat on hand – put your 3mm tpECOmat in your carry-on so you can practice in the airport during a layover or whenever your plane is delayed.
  3. Have a glovebox mat – leave a 3mm tpECOmat in your car glovebox and pull it out to get a good stretch on rest stop lawns. Be sure not to leave your mat in the glovebox when you’re not traveling, as extreme heat can be hard on our eco-friendly mats.
  4. Get creative with modifications – try your hand at chair yoga, especially when there is a little extra room like in trains or car passenger seats
  5. Land gently – use your established yoga routine to reset your Circadian rhythm when traveling across time zones – or just use it in the morning to wake up peppy and refreshed!
  6. Embrace stillness – don’t forget that meditation is always accessible, and what better situation to really sink into it than when your body must be still. This is especially helpful if travel stresses you out.
  7. Practice yoga-off-the-mat – yoga is more than just poses. Embrace the lessons yoga has taught us: be kind to fellow travelers, have patience and compassion for yourself and those around you, stay in the moment, and try to be content with whatever experiences traveling brings your way. Above all – if you’re traveling by car – listen to your body: if you are tired or anxious, pull over and nap or meditate until you feel fit to get moving again.

How do you de-stress and limber up during travel season? Leave us a comment!


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