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Custom Engraving

Our custom-engraved yoga mats and accessories are great for brand recognition and personal mementos. Simply select "Custom Engraving", then enter the applicable text or upload your file before adding your item to the cart & we'll take care of the rest!* Take a minute and scroll through some of our customer's products.

For mats and towels, engravings are centered on the opposite side of the sewn label approx. 50mm from the edge unless otherwise specified.

If you need more information on engraving your order, please contact us at
sales@kulae.com or submit a contact form by clicking here: Contact

*Cost of engraving will be calculated at checkout.

Favorites For Engraving

Our tpECOmats

Constructed using closed cell technology, which means that germs, bacteria, and odor cannot penetrate the mat surface. You and your mat will stay safe, sterile, and stink-free!

Thicknesses available - 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8mm. Features two-color mats (one color per side) so it's like having two mats in one!

100% Photodegradable | 100% Recyclable | Ultra-Hygienic | Allergen-free | PVC- and Latex-free | Toxin-free | Two-colored | Superior grip in all conditions | Travel-ready

Our Elite Hybrid

The Elite Hybrid towel yoga mat combines the function and support of a traditional mat with the grip and absorption of our thirstiest towel. Made of environmentally friendly ECO PER and Bamboo Microfiber, this towel-mat stays soft and supple while being free of the 6 most harmful phthalates (toxic softening chemicals used in lots of plastic, vinyl, and rubber -- included in most non-Kulae yoga mats). The Elite Hybrid is the future of hot yoga! And, of course, it is 100% biodegradable & recyclable and machine washable & dryable.

When placed in a compost environment, these mats will biodegrade 30% within 6 months and keep on going. They leave no toxic residue and is suitable for garden use. Compare this to natural rubber which can take 100's of years to biodegrade.

Our zuSKa Towel

The Sanskrit translation for zuSKa is dry. Our PREMIUM Yoga Towel provides superior grip + traction, ensuring proper positioning on your mat without slippage. It’s made of resilient, non-fading, super-absorbent microfiber with the highest quality knitting structure available. The zuSKa Yoga Towel is latex-free + silicone-free (no ‘nubs’ needed), 100% recyclable + completely machine washable. The Zuska can be used for several activities outside of yoga and is reversible.

Highest Quality Knitting | Extra Support |100% Recyclable | Silicone-Free and Latex-Free | Ultra-Absorbent | Machine Washable