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The Yogaboard is a balance board that has a curved underside to intensify your training. Depending on the surface and thickness of the surface (yoga mat), the balance effect is stronger or weaker and is ideal for all yoga enthusiasts.The body-sized yoga board is the result of an innovative cavity design. In the production of the Patent-registered Yogaboard, we rely on long-lasting and environmentally-friendly raw materials “Made in Germany” to guarantee real quality. The materials used are Baubuche (top), a laminated veneer lumber from regional beech wood, and medium-density fiberboard (bottom). Production takes place at Ackermann GmbH in Wiesenbronn, Germany. The Yogaboard was developed with a cavity construction and inner transverse frames to provide a lightweight, yet stable product.

The Yogaboard is 72 inches long by 19 inches wide and 4 inches in height.  Weighing 27 lbs.


In 2016, the first prototype of the Yogaboard was developed by Dominic Strobel in Cape Town, South Africa. Source of inspiration were the wooden surfboards for the design and the design solution. The prototype from South Africa was presented for the first time in January 2017 at the Yogaworld in Munich and had terrific feedback. Jelena Lieberberg commented on the functionality "my verdict: works like a charm!" If the ground gets too boring, get on the Yogaboard!" The Yogaboard is an ISPO AWARD GOLD WINNER 2017/2018 in the segment of health and fitness. The jury statement by Max Barth, health and beauty, editor - in-Chief, about the Yogaboard: "a highly exciting innovation with the potential to quickly enforce in the masses. Beginners as advanced Yogis benefit from them equally." Yogaboard goes viral, MASHABLE shares the product video. To date over 800 k views and thousands of positive comments have been made on the Yogaboard. Through a successful Crowdfunding campaign the product development was funded, and ready for production. The first Yogaboards were shipped in May of 2017. During the FIBO Cologne (leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health) the Yogaboard was listed as a top fitness trend in the Women’s Health 2017.

Strobel & Walter GmbH

In a few months, Strobel and Patrick Walter made it from an idea to series production and distribution. We are an ISPO gold WINNER in addition to Puma, THE NORTH FACE, etc., regional production and international delivery. Yogaboards already ship to the United States, Canada, China and many more... With the Yogaboard, we have created an innovative training device which meets huge enthusiasm around the world and in many different industries. Our customers are Yoga practitioners, physical therapists, surfers and users in many other areas of fitness.