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Kulae Partners

The name Kulae was derived from the Sanskrit word kula, which means “community.”Adding the letter “e” to the end of a word in Sanskrit pluralizes it like the letter “s” often does in English – essentially, we turned “community” into “many communities.”Below are some of our Kulae (Community) Partners.

Warrior Spirit Project

"Our mission is to bolster purpose and strengthen the spirit of Veterans and First Responders (Warriors) through Yoga, Dogs and Dirt, offering tools for resilience, growth and meaningful community engagement." Take a moment out of your day to visit Warrior Spirit Project to see all of the great things they do for our Veterans and First Responders. If possible, help them out with a small donation. If not, spread the word about all they do.

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Help.org provides support for people who are dealing with substance abuse and addiction.
"We do this through our comprehensive resources and guides, and connecting people with the right treatment programs. We are devoted to empowering people to take control of their lives by providing the information they need to make informed decisions about their health. Created by collective of health experts and consumer advocates, Help.org is dedicated to providing information based on fact-based, in-depth research and trends on health living. As the leading source of information for mental health, cutting-edge nutrition, and more, Help.org is your gateway to reaching the level of health and wellness that is best for you."

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Kulae has teamed with Faire Wholesale, Inc. in order to allow our Yoga Studio/Wholesale Community the opportunity to take advantage of some great financial assistance.

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