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tpECOmat - Super Grippy - (3mm) Yoga Mat

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    tpECOmat (3mm) Yoga Mat: the portable eco-friendly yoga mat!

    The Kulae tpECOmat™ has been designed with all styles of yoga in mind. It is constructed using closed cell technology, which means that germs, bacteria, and odor cannot penetrate the mat surface -- you and your mat will stay safe, sterile, and stink-free!

    At 3 mm (0.12 in) thick and weighing less than 2 lbs (0.91 kg), this tpECOmat Yoga Mat is our lightest and most portable yoga mat. Our favorite thing about it? It can easily be folded up and flattened into a square for easy, non-bulky transport inside a backpack or tote! This mat is best for people on the go as well as those who want extra grounding during balance poses — the 3 mm depth makes this tpECOmat especially stable!

    Like every yoga mat in our tpECOmat collection, the 3mm features two-color mats (one color per side) so it's like having two mats in one! You can match your mat to your mood or to the energy level of your practice for the day.

    RoHS Compliant | 100% Photodegradable | 100% Recyclable | Ultra-Hygienic | Allergen-free | PVC- and Latex-free | Toxin-free | Two-colored | Superior grip in all conditions | Travel-ready


    Product specifications:

    • Manufactured using Closed Cell Technology

    • RoHS Compliant, 100% photodegradable and 100% recyclable

    • 72" x 24" x 3 mm (1.88m x 0.61m x 0.12 in)

    •  Under 2 lbs (0.91 kg) for easy folding and travel

    • 3 mm depth provides the ultimate stability on hard or soft surfaces


    Storage: Your tpECOmat should be rolled up and kept in a dry area when not being used. Avoid keeping your mat anywhere inside of hot cars or in direct sunlight to avoid the chance of premature decomposition.
    Care: You are welcome to wash your mat after use with a yoga mat cleaner or regular soap and water. Hang dry (takes about 20 minutes).

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    Yoga & Pilates Mats

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