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About Kulae

Hello Everyone!

I took a Barre Core Fusion class at Balance at Urbanity, a cute little studio in the historic South End of Boston.  Tucked away in a little back alley, this studio is warm and welcoming.

Wisty, our instructor, told us this class is a combination of all her favorite things: cardio, toning, yoga and some deep stretching.  She was so right!  We got right down to business with plies, squats, burpees and floor booty work.  At the end, we took a good amount of time stretching, which was much needed.  I take a lot of spin and cardio classes at the end of which we do a rushed 5 minute stretch.  My body has been feeling tight an knotty, so it felt great to stretch it out.  I always say to myself that I'll do some foam rolling when I get home but I never do.  Having this 10-15 time slotted out at Balance to really stretch was perfect.  

If you're looking for an intimate workout with some really sweet people, I highly recommend stopping in to Balance!  Also, ask one of the instructors about using Jennifer Lawrence's old yoga mat.  It's not Kulae (but we're working on it!) but it's kind of a lucky charm.

Happy Downward Dogging :)


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Ever start an exercise program and 4 weeks in feel like you are suddenly in a rut?  Everything started out so strong; your eating was on track, you were getting up earlier and exercising everyday then BAM you hit a wall.  You are not alone.  Whether you are in my Shape Up Program or starting a new routine of your own here are a few of my tips to help you get over the slump and stay on track.

Track Your Progress

In my Shape Up Program I suggest taking pictures and measurements every 3 weeks.  Doing this keeps you accountable and also gives you a benchmark to measure against.  When you look at yourself day in and day out you may not see changes.  It is only when you compare these numbers and pictures that you get a true view of your progress.

Try not to get obsessed with watching the numbers on the scale.  An exercise and diet program will help you lose fat and build lean muscle.  It is a fact that muscle weighs more than fat.  Use the pictures, the way you feel and the way your clothes fit to be your best guide to your progress.

Consistency and Planning

I love the phrase "Fail to prepare then prepare to fail".  It is so true in every aspect of life and I find it especially true when it comes to diet and exercise.  Plan out the time of day that works best for you to exercise and stick to it.  It is when you don't have a clear plan of your attack that things can go awry.  The excuse of "I can't find the time" isn't a good one - you need to make the time.  

When it comes to diet planning out a weekly menu really helps.  I like to take Sunday to do my food shopping and prepping.  I cut all the veggies, marinate and cook the meat, hardboil eggs and measure out oats for overnight oats.  With this stuff done in advance I never let myself get into a situation where I am going to make a bad decision when it comes to food.

Wipe the Slate Clean

Maybe you are already at the point where you hit that slump and feel like its too late BUT its never too late to start fresh.  I urge you just wipe the slate clean.  Do not dwell on how you fell off track but think of the rewards of jumping back in.  You have probably heard "You can't out exercise a bad diet" and this is very true. Also you can't make up for what you have done by cutting calories and over exercising. This leads to issues with your metabolism and the risk of overtraining. Just re-commit yourself to your program and follow it.  If it is Shape Up you are on IT WORKS! Get the fire back again and don't let that feeling go.

Get Your Friends and Family Involved

I always find if I tell family and friends my goals it helps me stay accountable.  Who wants to hear their mother say "I thought you were eating clean?" as they stuff a cookie in their mouth??  If people know your goals they can help motivate and support you along the way.  They may even get involved and what is more fun than exercising in a group?  Excitement is contagious so talk openly about your new fitness goals!

If you are in my Shape Up Program and need a little extra motivation you can always reach out to me!  I am here to answer your questions, give you motivation and hold you accountable.


For more about Meredith's Shape Up program, you can check her out her website!

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With so many oils lining the shelves of the grocery store, from Olive OIl to Coconut Oil, how do you know which to choose?

First you should probably know that oils have different characteristics that make each one good for some cooking techniques and not so much for others. Choosing the right oil can add more flavor to a dish and also help you control cooking time.

One of the most important elements in an oil is its "smoking point".  This is the temperature at which the oil starts to break down, smoke and the flavor even changes.  This is also the point that the chemical make up changes and what started as a healhty fat can be turned into something thats not good for you at all.  For these reasons it is important to know which oils to choose for the cooking method you are using.

For Low Temperature Cooking and Baking

Use Flaxseed Oil, Olive Oil and Butter when you are baking, low-heat pan frying or simmering; dishes that you want to taste the flavor of the oil you are using.  Make sure you choose high quality and unrefined oils.

For Medium Temperature Cooking

Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Grapeseed Oil when medium-heat cooking and pan frying.  Again make sure the to choose high quality oils especially when it comes to olive oil and cooking at this temperature.

For High Temperature Cooking

Use Peanut Oil, Avocado Oil and Ghee when cooking at very high temperatures.  

From a health angle and definitely what I suggest to my Shape Up members is to vary your oils and sources of Healthy Fats.

Below is a chart from that I found to a usefull guide:

 A lot of oils can be expensive and you don't need to invest in a lot of different oils to add flavor to your dishes.  The 4 oils I keep on hand for everyday cooking are: Olive OIl, Coconut Oil, Canola OIl and Sesame OIl.

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This hot yoga mat is the best, no longer need a separate towel that gets bunched up under your feet/body so you can really focus on poses. LOVE IT. Thanks for a great product!! - Valerie

Yoga Mats & Hot Yoga Mats - Kulae Delivers the Best on the Market!

Kulae manufactures eco-friendly, high-quality yoga mats, hot yoga mats and other yoga accessories.

At Kulae we're on a mission to provide our customers with the most stylish & eco-friendly yoga mat, hot yoga mat, and yoga gear on the planet while truly living by our mantra, "karma's real." Our team works around the clock to ensure that the yoga & fitness experience of our customers is in concert with the world in which we live. The durability, comfort and traction of the our family of mats are second to none, and we're so confident you will love your kulae eco yoga mat that we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. 

kulae hot yoga matAll lines of our tpECOmat™ are 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, and contain no PVC, latex, cadmium, lead or rubber (that means no allergies). The majority of our eco-friendly yoga mats are dual layer constructed, providing two color options and two distinct, grippy surfaces for you to choose from - all in one mat. Our eco mats are made of eco-conscious TPE using closed cell technology, which means that bacteria and germs cannot get "trapped" in the mat, as is the case with most natural rubber mats. You will get the grip of a traditional "sticky" mat without the smell, the heavy carrying weight and lingering odors found in traditional rubber/PVC mats. 

Not only have we built the finest yoga mat on the market with our tpECOmat™ family of mats, but we have also created a one-of-a-kind hot yoga mat with our patented Elite Hot Hybrid. Our Elite Hot Hybrid hot yoga mat combines the function and support of a traditional yoga mat with the absorbability of our thirstiest towel. Made of environmentally friendly, ECO PER and Bamboo Microfiber, this mat is free of the 6 most harmful phthalates and is sure to be the standard by which all hot yoga mats are measured.