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    Innate Wisdom
    'By the power of three we bring soft healing, wise energy, and deep attunement. Step into sync with the universe and be your own guiding light.'

    Tap into your deep-set spiritual strength and innate wisdom with the gorgeous Willpower & Guidance Pack. Composed of the holy trinity of gemstones, you can shimmer with self-assurance. Amethyst to soothe the footfall of your own path, Picture Jasper to fuel your own energy muse, and Howlite Turquoise for attunement.


    “I am my own guiding light.”



    • Amethyst, Howlite Turquoise, Picture Jasper
    • 4mm genuine gemstone beads
    • Strung on durable stretchy cord
    • Fits wrists 6"-7"
    • Stone colors may vary