ChakyaGo Oscar Edition
ChakyaGo Oscar Edition
ChakyaGo Oscar Edition
ChakyaGo Oscar Edition

ChakyaGo Oscar Edition

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ChakYaGo is the ultimate travel companion with infinite uses. This all-in-one piece converts from a cozy blanket into a cushion with built-in storage. Machine washable, made in the USA.

Product Description

Life is our greatest journey, and we all travel a path that is uniquely our own. Whether you are traveling, at home, at the gym, or out in nature, you can own your space in this world with the revolutionary new ChakyaGo Travel Companion. The ChakyaGo is a circular meditation cushion, towel, mat, blanket, and backpack all-in-one. Ideal for the active traveler. Protect your crown in headstand poses, use as a bolster for low back support, prop up your feet, protect your knees, or enjoy extra support under the neck or head in savasana.

Red represents the first of 7 chakras, and is our starting platform.


    • Circular design encourages proper posture and alignment
    • Double-sided, anti-microbial microfiber is soft enough to wrap a newborn baby, yet strong enough to withstand a sweaty workout or day at the beach
    • Lightweight, with built-in storage to safely secure all personal belongings inside
    • Stain resistant, machine washable, and sweat-absorbing
    • Suitable for all ages


    • Bud Mode (folded): 13” diameter
    • Bloom Mode (unfolded): 60” diameter blanket
    • 27 ounces
    • Machine washable
    • Made in the USA 

Patent on file with USPTO