ChakyaGo Backpack
ChakyaGo Backpack
ChakyaGo Backpack

ChakyaGo Backpack

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The ChakyaGo™ Backpack conveniently converts from a soft backpack into a 60″ diameter travel blanket. The athletic-grade fabric stretches to fit a cushion, clothes, toys, wallet, keys and other personal items securely inside. Ideal for the active traveler. Antimicrobial, anti-static, luxuriously soft and lightweight at just 23 oz., yet strong and durable. Machine washable. Made in Los Angeles, CA. Patent Pending.

Exterior: All-weather, athletically engineered polyester/spandex, derived from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. High-endurance fabric, designed to stretch and breathe.

Interior: The soft, athletic-grade suede microfiber is luxuriously soft, lightweight and provides insulating warmth and comfort.

13″ diameter circular backpack unfolds into a 60″ diameter wearable blanket.
Designed to fit a 13″ cushion insert (purchased separately)

Interior colors:

Black 3D
White 3D

Exterior colors:
CHW-111 Red
CHW-112 Orange
CHW 113 Yellow
CHW 114 Green
CHW 115 Blue
CHW 116 Purple
CHW 117 Black
CHW 118 White