©God-dess Necklace

©God-dess Necklace

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Original ©OM by Jen Stock.  8mm Brunette Boxwood.  All beads are hand-knotted and each is hand-carved exclusively for Jen Stock.  28 inches to OM, which is Walnut (wood).  Hand-knotted with Kulae Blue threads, three unpolished Lapis Lazuli Beads and a Brass Buddha Pendant with a red/white vintage African Trade Bead on side.

Jen Stock Designs are carefully created with the intent to help remind the wearer of being mindful and seeing the good in themselves, others and life.

Jen's inspiration for her designs comes from her 28+ years of practicing yoga and the spirituality it embodies. Beaded pieces are all assembled by hand using a French knotting technique, with a knot in between each bead to give the pieces more fluidity and higher quality. The beads are knotted tightly with nylon and the “kinks” will loosen up as worn. Macramé Jewelry is handmade using a special round design unique to Jen Stock Designs.

The Om is a symbol rich in meaning and depth that represents the divine in each being and the interconnectivity between us all.

Jen uses an authentic graffiti-like design of the OM symbol in her ©God-dess Collection to evoke a modern view of the symbol.

The mala is an ancient, traditional wooden necklace made of 108 beads. It’s used to keep track of how many times a mantra or name of a deity is repeated while meditating. Deriving inspiration from these original malas, Jen's beaded pieces such as ©My Mala each have 108 boxwood beads (or another number divisible by 9). Boxwood is a very slow-growing – and therefore very hard -- Brazilian wood, which Jen refers to it as the "diamond of wood." The dark brown beads are referred to as "brunette" and the light wood beads are referred to as “blonde" – all the beads, as well as the buddhas and the Oms, are carved exclusively for JenStock.com into beads 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, or 14mm in diameter.

All boxwood beads, Buddhas and Oms are made exclusively for Jen Stock Designs by master wood carvers. The Buddha is a symbol of what Buddhists believe is the "enlightened one," someone who can truly see how the world works. The Buddhas used in the Buddha Bracelets and in ©My Mala are also carved from the same boxwood as the beads.

With these designs, Jen hopes to not only provide an authentic fashion staple, but a powerful spiritual influence as well.