Lindsey Stanley represents our brand as a DiploMAT in the Southern California region and has been a part of the Kulae family since 2012. She teaches and practices Bikram (Hatha) Yoga as her primary variation of yoga and understands the importance of a slip-resistant, odor free, lightweight, eco-friendly mat. Lindsey’s favorite mat is the Light weight tp ECOmat and she is proud to still practice with her original “OG” Kulae mat (from 2012) as a primary and preferred go-to! “Honestly, it was love at first pranayama! My Kulae yoga mat is like a magic carpet to me and I am so proud to carry it around the globe on all of my adventures! Bonus- the colors are beautiful and it doesn’t retain odor or moisture... it’s basically like carrying air!!” In addition to representing our brand in sunny California, Lindsey is also dedicated to sharing the widespread benefits of yoga with as many people as possible and represents PURE Action and Yoga4Homeless as an advocate and Ambassador.  We are happy to have her on board bringing yoga sunshine to the west coast!