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Part Two: The Five Niyamas

Between 1600 and 2200 years ago, a person in India named Patanjali compiled and put to paper a collection of yogic philosophy entitled the Yoga Sutras. These 196 sutras, or principles, contained what Patanjali called the Eight Limbs of yoga

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Yoga Studios and Community

Spotlight on Kulae Studio Owner Tommy Antoon with Guest Blogger – Samantha Eve Kennedy “Lots of yoga studios have a foo foo mentality focusing on the “pretzel poses”…that’s not what my studio is all about.

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Delving Deeper: Meditation Methods, Part Two

Meditation Methods, Part Two: Meditation LOOK INSIDE. Keep your eyes closed or rest them gently downcast – the point here is to reduce visual stimulus. If you have a hard time staying grounded or if you suffer from things like PTSD or anxiety, keeping your eyes slightly open may be beneficial for keeping you in the present.

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