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Yoga Mats

by eco hero
If you have recently decided to take up yoga, chances are you are looking at different yoga accessories or props, including yoga mats for your practice. While you may think that just any yoga mat will do, it is a mistake to think that these colorful yoga mats are anything less than your most important piece of yoga equipment. Good yoga mats can help you hold your positions properly, longer and more effectively. High quality yoga mats can help protect you from injury and make sure that you get the most out of your yoga class. There are several things you should keep in mind when looking at yoga mats, it is important to get a yoga mat that is made for the kind of yoga it will be doing, whether you are a amateur or pro, and whether you are younger or older. There are yoga mats that are made specifically for each kind and are specially designed to meet the unique needs of each kind.

The first and perhaps most important consideration when purchasing yoga mats are the thickness of the mats you are considering. A quarter of an inch is fairly standard, but many mat manufacturers advertise their mats as quarter inch thick when they are really only 3/16. This small variance may not seem like much but if you are standing in one pose for any length of time, this can cause you to not get the full benefit of your work out because of tired, restless feet and paining joints. Look for yoga mats that are a full quarter inch or thicker as these will support you better through your yoga classes. Size is another very important matter and is another place where many manufacturers tend to skimp in an effort to save on cash. Too short or too narrow of a yoga mat can cause you not to be able to do full length poses properly as you need to have your hands and toes on the yoga mats at all times. You should look for yoga mats that are 74 inches or longer and wide enough that you can put your hands shoulder width apart nicely. Some manufacturers make yoga mats that are extra wide and long for bigger people so if this fits you, be sure to look for extra large mats.

Materials are your next big question in finding good quality yoga mats, lighter is definitely not better and while you may think it is great to have a lower weight mat to carry to class keep in mind that the good quality materials used to make yoga mats weigh more since the materials are more dense which translates into greater quality for you. Regardless of what your mat is made of the material should be sticky, to keep it from sliding on the floor, or your feet from sliding around while you are on it. This is especially important because it will protect you from injury and allow you to get the most out of your yoga poses. Follow these rules and you will be the proud owner of an effective tool in your yoga routine that will last you a long time and give you many years of good health. carries only the highest quality yoga mats that are specially designed to give you the best and safest workout.
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Recent Reviews
Yoga Towel    
This towel is very sticky and it doesn't move at all during my Bikram practice. It sticks to my mat beautifully and my sweaty hands never slide. - Stephanie Markovitch
This mat is perfect! It's a little thicker than most yoga mats so it's a more forgiving during workouts as well as a little longer so you dont run out of room. And each side has a different texture: one side zigzags and the other a cool oak leaf type of pattern. It's lightweight, easy to take along with you on a bike ride or stow in the car. It cleans really easily: Soak in the tub with mild soap, rinse and hang to dry. And it dries pretty quickly too. Overall, great product! - Jennifer Hathaway