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> Styles of Yoga in Your Studio

Styles of Yoga in Your Studio

Styles of Yoga in Your Studio

Over the last couple years Kulae has worked with a ton of yoga studios across the country and the world helping each of them to provide their students with the best eco-friendly yoga mats. As you all know there are so many different styles of yoga being taught today that it is almost hard to keep up with. We wanted to create a page going over the most popular styles and then ask for your help finding out what styles you all are doing at your studios. So please do us a favor and comment after this article with "Your Studio Name", "Location" and "Yoga Styles".

Styles of yoga:

Hatha yoga is usually a slow paced class with stretching and simple breathing. This is a beginner class helping you really start your practice.

Vinyasa Yoga or as some call it Flow Yoga is another general term like hatha describing multiple types of yoga classes. Meaning "breath-synchronized movement" vinyasa is usually taught as one pose after another, changing poses after and inhale or an exhale.

Ashtanga yoga means "eight limbs" in Sanskrit. This is where we got our name kulae as kula is a word form the Sanskrit language meaning community. Ashtanga has about 75 poses in its series. This is a very popular style.

Iyengar yoga is a also a form of hatha which stresses the importance of physical alignment. A major innovation of Iyengar is the addition of yoga props to his practice.

Kundalini yoga really is about focusing on the breath and the movement simultaneously. The have a series called kriyas.

Bikram yoga also called "hot yoga" is made up for 26 poses done in a heated room usually about 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Viniyoga yoga has one major key and that is adaptation. A very good practice for someone who is unable to do all the poses in another style of yoga. A very strong focus on alignment as well.

Anusara yoga founded in 1997 also stresses physical alignment and combining a positive energy derived from Tantra.

Jivamukti yoga started in NYC and can be very phyiscally intense. Classes have themes including yoga scripture, meditation, and music.

Forrest yoga started in Santa Monica and combines vinyasa and healing to teach students how to become healers both on the mat and in their day to day lives.

Kripalu yoga a form of hatha yoga that introduces mediation to help with students daily life.

Moksha yoga is another form of hot yoga with about 40 poses. This style of yoga was founded in Toronto in 2004.

Restorative yoga incorporates props so that students can hold poses for longer periods of time. Sometimes teachers with turn down lights and have students where blankets to warm the body.

As you can see there are so many different yoga styles. We want to find out what yoga styles are in your studio. Please comment below with "Studio Name", "Studio Location" and "Yoga Styles" and please let us know if we missed anything.

Also if you are interested in stocking up your studio with eco-friendly yoga products sign up for a wholesale account or contact a member of team kulae today at 781.561.7366.

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