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> Kate Does Chatarunga - Balance at Urbanity

Kate Does Chatarunga - Balance at Urbanity

Posted on 10/18/2015 by Kulae

Hello Everyone!

I took a Barre Core Fusion class at Balance at Urbanity, a cute little studio in the historic South End of Boston.  Tucked away in a little back alley, this studio is warm and welcoming.

Wisty, our instructor, told us this class is a combination of all her favorite things: cardio, toning, yoga and some deep stretching.  She was so right!  We got right down to business with plies, squats, burpees and floor booty work.  At the end, we took a good amount of time stretching, which was much needed.  I take a lot of spin and cardio classes at the end of which we do a rushed 5 minute stretch.  My body has been feeling tight an knotty, so it felt great to stretch it out.  I always say to myself that I'll do some foam rolling when I get home but I never do.  Having this 10-15 time slotted out at Balance to really stretch was perfect.  

If you're looking for an intimate workout with some really sweet people, I highly recommend stopping in to Balance!  Also, ask one of the instructors about using Jennifer Lawrence's old yoga mat.  It's not Kulae (but we're working on it!) but it's kind of a lucky charm.

Happy Downward Dogging :)


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