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> Kate Does Chatarunga - Exhale Spa

Kate Does Chatarunga - Exhale Spa

Posted on 09/29/2015 by Kulae

Hello Everyone!

I'm Kate, the Marketing Director here at Kulae!  I'm excited to announce a new blog segment, "Kate does Chatarunga" where I'll be going around to Boston studios trying out their yoga and fitness classes and talking about them here on the blog.  Here at Kulae, we want to bring some exposure to all the wonderful boutique studios around Boston in the spirit of our #KarmasReal mantra.  I hope you enjoy the posts and are inspired to go out and try some new locations yourself!  

First up, Core Fusion Yoga accompanied by the Grass Gypsys at Exhale Spa in the Back Bay.

Last week was a bit of a doozy.  I had gotten back from my bachelorette party in Ann Arbor (my alma mater was U of M so we decided to go to a football game and re-live the good ol days) and was feeling a little under the weather because, well, my body just can't handle college extracurricular activities like it used to.  I decided to give myself a little break from my daily pre-wedding workouts and took a few days off.  Going to Exhale on Thursday snapped me back into my routine.  

Denise's Core Fusion Yoga class was the perfect combination of yoga, toning and mindfulness.  The studio is in the basement of the Back Bay location and has this totally zen feeling when you walk in.  To top off the atmosphere, The Grass Gypsys, a folk duo, were playing and singing throughout the class.  We did our sun salutations to the beat of their beautiful music and during a toning portion of the class where my butt was on fire, their rendition of "Natural Woman" kept me going.  At the end we had a delightfully long savasana which helped me to quiet all the thoughts going on in my brain... Don't forget to call the florist about your flower crown... How many succulent favors do we need to buy... Did I forget someone for the rehearsal dinner... WEDDING has been the theme of my inner monologue and I'm realizing these quiet moments in a great yoga class where I just connect to my breath are essential for me to just take a break.  

If you have never been to Exhale, I highly recommend any of their Core Fusion classes.  For a Nikki Minaj-esqe booty, try Core Fusion Barre.  You'll want to die in the middle of it, but after you'll feel sooooo tight and toned.  

Happy Downward Dogging :)


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