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Even before joining the Kulae Family, Jeff always found himself surrounded by a large and loving community. He was born and raised just south of Boston, the middle of 5 children and a member of an expansive extended family. Growing up, his parents had an “open-door policy” in their home, always welcoming friends and family to come over and spend some quality time with Jeff’s family and whoever else might be dropping by.

Jeff took his family’s open-door policy to heart and carried it with him everywhere he went – sports teams, work life, and wherever he called home. Some years after a bad knee injury ended his college sports career, a coworker introduced Jeff to yoga, which created an outlet that helped Jeff to heal and grow both physically and mentally. Jeff came to recognize yoga’s potential benefit for any person anywhere, athletes and otherwise. Yoga was immediately a perfect fit with Jeff’s community-driven spirit – after all, yoga means “union” in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

Soon, Fate came knocking in the form of a job opportunity as Sales Director at Kulae, a small startup company that sold colorful, eco-friendly yoga gear. The minute he stepped through the door, he fell in love with the business and everything it stood for.  Family, community, team, good karma, and giving back – it was a match made in heaven!  “Kulae yoga” translates to “community union” in Sanskrit. He could combine his passions for community, fitness, yoga, health, team, self-care, family, and athletics into one business and bring them to the world.  He finally felt at home in his work and that he was in control of his own destiny.

On January 1st of 2016, after over five years of working diligently with his Kulae partners, Jeff purchased Kulae and became the sole owner. He could not be more honored and thrilled to continue expanding the Kulae brand and providing stylish, ecologically responsible yoga gear – spreading the Kulae Family love!

In the meantime, Jeff has also started his own personal family: he resides in Hanover with his talented and beautiful girlfriend Katrina, who is a nurse and his pride and joy, their 16-month-old son Ryan (the Kulae baby!) Jeff’s dream is to leave a lasting legacy to his son through Kulae.

Jeff wholeheartedly believes that Karma’s Real and that Kulae is a beautiful and positive channel through which to spread as much positive Karma as possible. He wants to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the Kulae Family, for helping his dreams become reality, and for joining him and the Kulae Crew to work together to help make the world a better place – one act of good karma at a time! Namaste!


Emma is the newest member of the Kulae Crew! She is 23 years old and moved back to Boston after having graduated from Skidmore College in 2015 with a degree in Classics. She found yoga in 2009 when a massive concussion put the kibosh on her ice hockey and dance careers. In June 2015 she completed the Kripalu 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training month-long intensive course and found it amazingly rewarding and beautiful.

Besides yoga and meditation, Emma loves reading, writing, animals, adventures, tattoos, comfy jeans, tea, the Oxford comma, and Miyazaki movies. She prides herself on being able to translate Ancient Greek, write comfortably with both hands, and enjoy the small beauties of the world. She has traveled the planet extensively and her favorite foreign country is Japan. She is a people-person who lives for good communication, good music, and her great friends.


Kate has been a member of the Kulae Family since 2014 as the Marketing Director.  After graduating from University of Michigan in 2008, Kate worked in merchandising for 4 years and freelanced her graphic design work on the side. In 2012, she decided to take night classes for design at Massachusetts College of Art and Design to hone her skills.  With her new degree in tow, she was able to marry her love of retail and creative marketing in her career.

When she isn’t designing, Kate balances her time at a desk by trying new fitness classes in Boston.  A spin enthusiast, she is wrapping up her instructor training at Recycle Studio in Boston and will be teaching there starting in May 2016.  In her free time, Kate loves to try new restaurants in her South End neighborhood with her husband, attempt DIY projects in her condo, shop with her girlfriends and dance…hard.


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