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tpECOmat Plus
tpECOmat Plus
Thank you for offering an ecological mat that is excellent in quality and also affordable. The texture of the mat provides excellent grip, with no rubbery smell, and none of that plastic sticky feel of the old PVC mats. We also love the beautiful assortment of colors and the 72-inch length, and our students can rest easy in savasana knowing that these mats are not harming our health or the planet.
--Mohini, Yoga Warehouse, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
tpECOmat Ultra
tpECOmat Ultra
I just wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the quality of your products and the service that you provide.
--Olga, Potentials Yoga Studio, Portland, Oregon
Your mats are THE BEST
Your mats are THE BEST
Your mats are THE BEST. In my first year of Bikram I went
thru 4 or 5 mats by your competitors and finally ponied up and put
some money into a kulae mat. Beyond worth it. I do yoga every day and
the mat has held up wonderfully. I bought a second one for my
boyfriend and he was so impressed with it I got him to come to yoga
more frequently. Thank you thank you!

--Jess Walters
Zuska Premium Yoga Towel
Zuska Premium Yoga Towel
After so many years of yoga practice and years of coaching hot yoga studios on business matters, I finally decided to give hot yoga a serious trial. Turns out I really love it -- and it's helping me heal some injuries. Your towels are perfect for this intensely sweaty style! I ordered a total of eight -- so that my wife and I can have one available every day (she's getting hooked too).
--Alón, The Yoga Business Coach, San Francisco, CA