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Recipe of the Week: Sautéed Broccoli

Kulae, 04/21/2015

Sautéed Broccoli


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Recipe of the Week: Turkey and Vegetable "Rice" Bowl

Kulae, 04/13/2015

Turkey and Vegetable "Rice" Bowl

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Meet Our Newest Contributing Editor... Health Coach Renee!

Kulae, 04/12/2015

We have an exciting new series coming to the blog: Weekly Recipes by Renee!  We'll be featuring mostly vegan and gluten free recipes for our readers to try out at home.  Delicious, healthy and nutritious, we're thrilled to have Renee's cooking on our site!

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The Five Drastic Mood Swings During a Bikram Yoga Class

Kulae, 03/31/2015

You've made it to Bikram Yoga.  Barely.  The feeling of fear in the pit of your stomach is gnawing away at you as you sit in the hot room, awaiting the arrival of the instructor and with it, your impending doom.  You're about to embark on a tidal wave of emotions throughout class, but, take it from us, it ends on a high note.  Here's what to expect:

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Six Tips for Establishing a Morning Yoga Routine

Kulae, 03/30/2015

We get it.  Mornings are tough.  And let's not even get started on Monday mornings, where getting up before 8am is reminiscent of the scene in the Ring with the girl crawling out of the well.  As difficult as is seems when the alarm goes off, establishing a morning yoga routine is an invigorating way to get your day started.  Not only will you be in a better mood, you will be more likely to make mindful, healthy choices during the day.  If things come up during the day (ahem happy hour with your coworkers), you can go guilt free since you already got your practice out of the way.  

If you're not naturally a morning person, however, actually getting up when the alarm calls can prove daunting.  Here are some tips to keep you from hitting the snooze button for your 6am flow class:

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How to do Shoulder Stand/Sarvangasana

Kulae, 03/23/2015

Video instruction for Shoulder Stand/Sarvangasana by Gwen Lawrence.

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How to do the Backbend/Urdhva Dhanurasana

Kulae, 03/16/2015

Video instruction for the Backbend/Urdhva Dhanurasana by Gwen Lawrence.

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How to do the Forward Bend/Paschimottanasana

Kulae, 03/09/2015

Video instruction for the Forward Bend/Paschimottanasana by Gwen Lawrence.

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How to do Pigeon Pose

Kulae, 03/02/2015

Video instruction for Pigeon Pose by Gwen Lawrence.

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Thinking Spring Part 2 - Yoga Style

Kulae, 02/25/2015

We're continuing our "we're so done with winter" yoga style inspiration this week with a punchy blue and metallic theme.  

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How to do Frog Pose/Bhekasana

Kulae, 02/22/2015

Video instruction for Frog Pose by Gwen Lawrence.

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Thinking Spring - Yoga Style

Kulae, 02/18/2015

We're over the snow in Boston and are ready to move onto warmer weather.

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How to do Hero's Pose/Virasana

Kulae, 02/15/2015

Video instruction for Hero's Pose by Gwen Lawrence.

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A Guy's Guide to Bikram Style

Kulae, 01/19/2015

As a guy, going to yoga can be as foreign and strange as accidentally wandering into a Sephora store.  We'll made things a little easier on you by giving you guidance on what to wear to your first class.  

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A Guy's Guide to Yoga Style

Kulae, 01/12/2015

As a guy, going to yoga can be as foreign and strange as accidentally wandering into a Sephora store.  We'll made things a little easier on you by giving you guidance on what to wear to your first class.  

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Top 10 Mistakes Beginners Make with Yoga

Kulae, 01/08/2015

Going to yoga should not be taken lightly there are several things a new person to yoga should consider before attempting to ad yoga to their workout regime. Don’t be scared when venturing by consider these mistakes others have made so you can get the best experience.

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New Year, New intentions

Kulae, 01/05/2015

We know there are a lot of new year's resolution haters out there, and we totally understand why.  Setting up extreme goals that start on January 1st seems a little, well, extreme. 

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The Five Tibetan Rites - For Longevity, Vitality and Youth

Kulae, 12/30/2014

Over two thousand years ago, Tibetan monks who are known to live up to 120 years old, claimed they had a system that could reverse the aging process and its debilitating negative effects on the body. They condensed 21 yoga exercises into five that could be performed in as little as 15 minutes a day.

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The Importance of Breathing

Kulae, 12/23/2014

I grew up in an age of Jane Fonda marathons and No pain No gain mantras.  Where the way of the warrior was breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.  I lived my life this way as an exercise enthusiast and dancer through college, with out ever questioning the theory.  Now I know better.  Question everything……………

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Yoga Flow Serires - Yin Hip Opener

Kulae, 12/18/2014

Video instruction for Runners Lunge Pose by Gwen Lawrence.

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Yoga for Hamstrings and Back Pain

Kulae, 12/16/2014

Everybody is susceptible to tight hamstrings, from professional athletes to a soccer mom.  People who have long desk, sitting hours or rigorous training schedules all can benefit from a “hammie” stretch or two, or three or four…

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Yoga For Runners - Runners Lunge Pose

Kulae, 12/11/2014

Video instruction for Runners Lunge Pose by Gwen Lawrence.

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Yoga for Allergies

Kulae, 12/09/2014

The respiratory system performs a vital role in the body. It is composed of the lungs, nose, mouth, sinuses, and the passages. This system provides oxygen, gets rid of the carbon dioxide, and allows you to speak. Any obstruction in the respiratory system can cause the lack of oxygen supply in the body and, in worse cases, can result to death.

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Yoga Poses for Shoulder Strength

Kulae, 12/04/2014

Video of the top 5 yoga poses for strengthening the shoulders by Gwen Lawrence.

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Yoga to Stimulate Metabolism

Kulae, 12/02/2014

Within yoga’s ability to create well-being lies its ability to reduce excess weight through burning calories, boosting metabolism, and reducing stress. 

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Yoga Postures to Boost Immunity

Kulae, 11/10/2014

Winter and the holidays are fast approaching, so it's important to dedicate time to your fitness regimen for your health and mental well-being.  Studies have shown that yoga may be more effective than more traditional forms of exercise (i.e. running) in boosting the bodies immune system.  

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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

Kulae, 11/03/2014

With flu season upon us, regular exercise is a great way boost your body's defenses against viruses and bacteria.

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5 Yoga Poses You Can Do on an Airplane

Kulae, 04/08/2014

There are plenty of ways to work out in-flight. And what's better than yoga to stay limber?

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Stressed Out?

Kulae, 02/26/2014

The 10 Best Yoga Poses For Stress Relief

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First Time Taking Practicing Yoga?

Kulae, 06/17/2014

10 Things to Know Before Your First Time - Yoga Edition

Continue reading about our test blog post >

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