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Yoga Towels

Are You Looking for Some Hot Yoga Towels?

Have you ever considered using yoga towels for your next yoga workout? Everyone is always talking about yoga mats and yoga blocks, but what about yoga towels? The yoga towels are not a new concept, but they are a Kulae concept. A high quality yoga towel can be of just as much benefit to you as a yoga mat would be. The Ultimate in a Yoga Towel

The Kulae yoga towel is the ultimate for grip, hygiene and comfort for practicing yoga. Our yoga towels are antibacterial, antimicrobial, 100% recyclable, and they are superabsorbent. The form of yoga that you are practicing doesn't really matter, because our high quality towels and mats are just what everyone needs to practice yoga at its best.

Those who practice yoga know that they need a good quality mat to do so. The same rule applies for those who are practicing Pilates; Pilates is strenuous and when working out you need a comfortable and durable surface to use. These yoga mats are anything but hurtful, but they are helpful in that they do the job and they are free from toxins.

While many disagree about what is toxic and what it isn't, we know that it is pretty clear that the normal materials and chemicals used have been known to cause disease and allergies. As always, we cannot encourage who or what touches your towel during shipping, and that is why we always recommend that you wash it before you use it. Make sense?

Caring for Your Yoga Towel

A quick washing of your yoga towel is all you need just prior to using it, but it is durable and high quality cotton, so it won't wear down or get frayed. Washing it prior to use will also improve the traction that you get when you use your mat. There are many yoga movements that are strenuous and get you to move your body beyond what it normally can do on its own prior to yoga.

After your mat is manufactured it will be covered with a thin protective layer so that it will prevent damage in the beginning and for as long as you have it. You should always wash your yoga towel with our organic cleaner, to ensure that there isn't anything that touches your towel that shouldn't. There are no phosphates or toxic chemicals in our cleaner, but you can also use any other mild, organic cleanser that you have in your home.

We don't want your new yoga towel to bring you more work, but we want it to provide you with the comfort and support that you need while you practice your favorite form of yoga. Aren't you glad that you discovered Kulae?

In conclusion, while creating a high quality product is our highest priority, we certainly believe that it must be beneficial as well. We know that creating a quality product is the right thing to do. After all, what goes around comes around.
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Recent Reviews
I use this mat daily at home and in studio. I teach and take hot yoga and this is the best mat I've ever used! - Elizabeth J
I'm a new yogi and I love this mat already. It's cushy enough for my knobby knees but still grips concrete and wood floors nicely, and is nice and long! Highly recommend it, and the bright green is beautiful and energizing! - Lindsay