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Yoga Mats

Kulae Yoga Mats

Those who practice yoga and Pilates know the importance of high quality yoga mats. Kulae is the choice for those who want high quality mats that are made from earth friendly materials. This isn't the only thing that you will get from our yoga mats, but you will get all the comfort and support that you need during your workout.

The Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Have you ever purchased a 100% biodegradable yoga mat? Our yoga mats at 72 inches long and 5 mm thick, are just what you need to complete your workout. The tpECOmat PLUS is just a tad longer than a standard yoga mat. No matter what style of yoga you are practicing, you will be able to use the tpECOmat PLUS.

The other feature that makes these yoga mats superior to the others is that they are made with closed cell technology. This means that no bacteria or mold cannot infiltrate the surface because it can't penetrate the closed cell material. Weighing less than 2.5 pounds this mat is easy to transport to class, and you can take it with you wherever you travel. This specially made material is the new standard in how yoga mats are made. Want to use a yoga mat that won't make you sneeze or itch? Then you can choose Kulae to give you the best in materials and in performance.

Kulae makes these mats in a wide variety of colors, and they are appealing to many who are actively practicing both yoga and Pilates. Those who use these two forms of exercise will truly enjoy using these mats made from only the highest quality materials and that are ultra-hygienic. Latex Free Yoga Mats

Those who hate the smell of rubber will truly enjoy using these stylish and natural yoga mats. With all the other items and accessories that Kulae has to offer, it is so much more than a company that makes a nice yoga mat. There are yoga towels, carrying bags for your mats, and mats that are made for kids too. There are gifts for those that are health conscious and much more to pair with your yoga mat.

Yoga Mats Can Make a Difference

Have you seen the new colors for our yoga mats in 2011? The quality isn't any different meaning that the new colors are also made with the closed cell technologies. There are no odors from the color, and no rubber smell, so they are the same quality mats that you are used to buying from Kulae.

In conclusion, Kulae is a company that is respected and known for producing yoga mats that are biodegradable, latex free, and are friendly to the earth. Kulae is known for creating the most stylish and best product out there, because they believe that you should treat others how you wish to be treated. Why does Kulae believe this? Kulae believes in living the mantra that we use each day, and that is three simple words; "Karma is real."
EASYmat Yoga Kit for Beginners
EASYmat Yoga Kit for Beginners
Yoga Kits for Beginners These yoga kits for beginners have everything you need to start practicing! Our EASYmat™... Click here for details
Recent Reviews
I absolutely love this mat. My joints are a little bit boney, so thin mats on hard floors make for painful poses. This mat is beautiful - I love the colors. I love the way it grips too. It grips perfectly for me in standard (non-heated) yoga, and I use it with a mat towel for hot yoga. I haven't tried it without a towel. The generous cushion does make balance poses a bit more difficult. I wish they made one thick like this with the microfiber like the elite hot yoga mat. I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat for my hot classes. For now this will have to make due with a towel. - Jennifer
I have had my tpECOmat Plus for over a year and it's still like new! It has a nice grip to it that makes some of the more difficult poses much easier! I love having 2 different colors in one mat, sometimes I want a calm feeling and sometimes I want to feel invigorated and with 2 colors there is always a side for how I'm feeling that day. All in all a great, fun and well preforming mat!! - Mandy Aureli