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Yoga Mat

Where Will You Find Your Yoga Mat?

When was the last time you used your yoga mat? When you purchased your yoga mat where did it come from? Not all yoga mats are created equal, but Kulae has created a yoga mat that is high quality, durable and free from odor but still does everything that you need for it to do. This is what Kulae is all about.

What to Look for in a Yoga Mat

When shopping for a yoga mat, it is best to look for mats that are free from chemicals and other toxins that can be absorbed into the skin. Were you aware that most companies create mats that are made with rubber, PVC, latex, and other dangerous materials? Now you know, and at Kulae, we believe that what you put out will come back to you, and that is why we take great care in what we make.

Karma is real, and that is the mantra we live by. The world would be a better place if more people would believe this to be true as well. Even Ghandi said that whatever you can do, that you should do it now. Don't you believe this to be true? We do, and that is why we put it into our products. We would never want to sell you something that wasn't quality, and something that wasn't healthy.

No matter what you order, there is a flat rate shipping fee, and if you spend over $100, then shipping is free. We realize that you might not spend $100 on yoga mats, but if you want more than one color mat, you are almost there.

Our fine eco mats and other products are sure to enhance your exercise routine, no matter whether you choose yoga or Pilates, you will benefit from our durable yoga mat, and yoga mat towel. All lines of yoga mats are made with 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials. Our mats contain no PVC, no rubber, no cadmium, no latex, and no toxins of any kind. This means that no allergens are in our product, and therefore anyone with allergies should be fine to use our products.

Our Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

Our yoga mats are made from eco-friendly materials and are the finest on the eco-friendly market today. Our eco-friendly mats are made with closed cell technology meaning that no bacteria or germs will be able to penetrate the surface of the mat. Those mats that are rubber and made from PVC will trap germs and bacteria, so they are not the preferred mats of those who are earth conscience.

The durability of our eco mats are no different than those that are made from the standard materials. Our mission doesn't stop with just a high quality yoga mat, but Kulae is known for high quality in all other products as well. What goes around comes around, and that means that your yoga mat should be no exception. You can find yoga mats and more by visiting
Foam Yoga Block
Foam Yoga Block
Yoga Accessories from Kulae Improve flexibility during stretches with foam yoga block! The kulae foam yoga block... Click here for details
Recent Reviews
jīvana mat    
I've had one for over an year now, still looks as good as new. Very comfy to practice asanas on,just a damp wipe is enough to clean, tucks away well for storage! - abby
I love this mat for its light weight and washable features. Silly comment, but it smelled good the first time I unfurled it! I have the pink color and it somehow sets the tone for my practice. It's a great mat for teachers, because it's so lightweight you can grab and go with ease. - Blue Moon Yoga