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> Yoga Mat Towels

Yoga Mat Towels

Kulae Makes Yoga Mat Towels

Do you believe in Karma? We do at Kulae, and that is why we create the finest in yoga mats, towels, and other great products that will enhance your yoga practice. The name we use comes from the word "kula" which means community. That is why our company focuses on community. Community is what creates a healthy environment and one that creates a sense of wellbeing. That is why Kulae creates yoga mats and yoga towels that are good for your health.

What Yoga Mat Towels are Used For

When you are shopping for the finest in yoga mats and yoga towels, you want to shop with Kulae. Kulae has created the finest of all mats, and from materials that are all good for your health. All of our yoga mat towels are 100% recyclable, and contain no PVC, no latex, no cadmium, no lead, no rubber, and plenty more that we don't use in our products.

These yoga mat towels are made with various layers so that you can get the look of two colors in one towel. You get the natural materials, but with the strong grip and quality materials that are needed in order to create a great product. Our eco-friendly mats are made using closed-cell technology which means that your yoga mats and yoga mat towels are free from bacteria and germs. What more could you ask for from your yoga mat?

You can now get products that you can work out with that are free from toxins, chemicals, but are high quality. The reason this is important is because most companies that make yoga mats and yoga mat towels make them from rubber and use other things like PVC and more. These materials are unhealthy and shouldn't be used when you are trying to achieve greater health and well-being.

You still get the same quality mats with the same strong grip without the materials that are toxic. You won't have the smell, and the mat only weighs 2.5 pounds so it is light to transport no matter where you want to take it.

You can still get the durability, the comfort and the durable construction that you would expect from a high quality mat. This is what makes the mats made by Kulae second to none. The only thing that is important to us is that your mat provides you with 100% satisfaction.

What goes around comes around, and we believe that to be true no matter what we create. That is what "karma" is all about, and that is why all of our products are made with materials that are safe and high quality. We also provide cleaner that is 100% toxin free for your yoga mat, so that you can keep your mat clean and free from the rubber smell.

In conclusion, Kulae is the company of choice when it comes to buying high quality yoga mats, and yoga mat towels. After all, isn't karma real?
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EASYmat Yoga Kit for Beginners
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Recent Reviews
I absolutely love this mat. My joints are a little bit boney, so thin mats on hard floors make for painful poses. This mat is beautiful - I love the colors. I love the way it grips too. It grips perfectly for me in standard (non-heated) yoga, and I use it with a mat towel for hot yoga. I haven't tried it without a towel. The generous cushion does make balance poses a bit more difficult. I wish they made one thick like this with the microfiber like the elite hot yoga mat. I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat for my hot classes. For now this will have to make due with a towel. - Jennifer
This is a great mat if your hands do not sweat during yoga. If you take Hot Yoga classes, invest in a good towel or mat towel. I have ordered one and once I use it with this mat I will update my review.

Some pros of the mat are: great calming colors, a little 'spongy' padding for those with bad knees, this really helps with low runner lunge etc..., reversable- there is just something about being able to flip it over and have a brand new mat between classes that I like. - Henniet